Image is my fascination

About me

FIeld of competence :

CInematographer and videographer with solid experience in Film 16mm/35mm and Video

I also am a Photographer and a Director

And enjoy creating Video and Art installations in my spare time

Highly interested in Music I also compose music once in a while


RED one

Nikon d90 panasonic GH1 Canon 5d MKII 7D...

Advanced Mac Os X

And IT knowledge


For details see my Resume

Personal website ( in french...)../perso/Site_Perso.html

Copyrights Thomas Garret

Artist Statement

Photography is more about your point of view than the subject

It's not about taking pictures of extraordinary things but Its about taking extraordinary pictures of common things.

It's about looking around in your everyday life and stopping in front of a traffic light that thousand of people see everyday but never really take the time to look at

It s about capturing that ordinary moment and turning it into something else

It s about discovering new things.

It s about always being amazed by what you discover